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Formulated by our team of clinical physicians, the Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness Integrated IV Therapy Lounge will leave you feeling revitalized and reinvigorated!

Our treatments can help provide energy, immunity, detoxing qualities, de-stressing capabilities, and recovery support. Each of our IV therapy solutions are comprised of ingredients sourced from a 503B-FDA-registered pharmacy and are preservative free. While most IV delivery systems use preservatives like parabens and other potentially toxic additives in their IVs, ours are safe and natural. Our single-use packages and vials are safe and contain no potentially dangerous preservatives and no additives. Rejuvenate – at a Cellular Level!

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IV Therapy - Glow Vitality Elixir

Replenish essential nutrients and manage how you age with the Glow & Vitality Elixir!

Immediate Benefits:

  • Rehydrated skin after excessive sun exposure to avoid wrinkles.
  • Replenished nutrients for a healthy body – hair, skin, and nails.
  • Reduced signs of aging and improved self-confidence.
  • Detoxification and elimination of harmful contaminants.

Glow & Vitality Elixir

Discover the fountain of youth – in an IV bag.

This unique IV vitamin infusion helps slow the effects of aging and delivers younger-looking skin with detoxifying rejuvenation.

Contains: Glutathione, Vitamin C, Magnesium, B-Complex

icon Natural Defense

Natural Defense

An IV to protect yourself naturally from disease or illness.

This unique IV vitamin infusion defends and protects the body, helping it bounce back after illness or exhaustion.

Contains: Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc

IV Therapy - Natural Defense

Boost your immune system – big time with Natural Defense!

Immediate Benefits:

  • Enhanced immune system response and high-impact resilience.
  • Increased power to fight against airborne viruses and illnesses.
  • Healthy nervous system and improved cardiovascular function.
  • Improved ability to withstand stress, intense workload, or travel.

Rehydrate quickly and easily with Rapid Fluid-Only Super Hydration!

Immediate Benefits:

  • Fast recovery, both physically and mentally.
  • Proper organ function and balance.
  • Improved brain performance and cognitive ability.
  • Detoxification of impurities in the body.
  • Increased sleep quality and restfulness.

Rapid Fluid-Only Super Hydration

The quick and easy answer to extreme dehydration.

An ideal IV hydrating solution for athletes as well as anyone dealing with the negative effects of jet lag, food poisoning, or a hangover.

icon Energizer

The Energizer

An IV to energize and empower your body to win.

This unique IV vitamin infusion helps increase energy and stamina and fights fatigue with a powerful formula.

Contains: Vitamin C, Magnesium, Electrolytes, B12

IV Therapy - The Energizer

Empower yourself with restored energy, faster recovery, and improved outlook with The Energizer!

Immediate Benefits:

  • Increased energy to bounce back, be productive, and get things done.
  • Added immune system protection to fight illness.
  • Improved hydration to brain and body for better function.
  • Better awareness, alertness, and motivation to seize the day.
IV Therapy - Body and Brain Harmony

Realize your highest potential mental ability with NAD+! (Coming Soon)

Immediate Benefits:

  • Supports positive cognitive and neuroregenerative function.
  • Improved mental clarity and focus.
  • Combats anxiety, depression, and common mood disorders.
icon Body and Brain Harmony

NAD+ (Coming Soon)

Improve your cognitive ability and mental stability.

This 4-hour infusion protocol ensures proper administration of a powerful IV designed to improve mental abilities and improve brain function and clarity.

Why Sòlas IV Therapy?

  • Ingredients sourced from an FDA-registered pharmacy
  • Safe, single-use applications
  • Preservative-free, additive-free, non-toxic

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