IV Therapy Lounge

Formulated by our team of clinical physicians, the Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness Integrated IV Therapy Lounge will leave you feeling revitalized and reinvigorated! Our treatments can help provide energy, immunity, detoxing qualities, de-stressing capabilities, and recovery support. Each of our IV therapy solutions are comprised of ingredients sourced from a 503B-FDA-registered pharmacy and are preservative free. While most IV delivery systems use preservatives like parabens and other potentially toxic additives in their IVs, ours are safe and natural. Our single-use packages and vials are safe and contain no potentially dangerous preservatives and no additives. Rejuvenate – at a Cellular Level!

Rejuvenating Lounge IV Treatments

  • “Glow & Vitality Elixir”
  • “Natural Defense”
  • “Brain & Body Harmony”
  • “The Energizer”