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Everyone’s biological makeup is unique. This may help explain why some diets work for certain people while others do not and why some athletes are now tailoring fitness regimens to their individual biologies. DNA Analysis for Nutrition and Fitness gives health-conscious individuals and healthcare professionals a unique perspective from which to target specific improvements, based on a person’s metabolism and other wellness requirements. Genetic test analysis reveals changes or mutations in specific chromosomes, genes, or proteins to make determinations on symptoms, health conditions, how to optimize body processes, and much more.


For individualized wellness including weight management, gene analysis identifies the ideal diet, food sensitivities, vitamin absorption, and mineral metabolism. This nutrigenomic testing utilizes genetic markers gathered from a simple cheek swab. Analysis of this type of genetic data identifies potential allergies and metabolic factors that allow healthcare practitioners and patients the ability to customize nutritional recommendations.


Professional athletes reported nearly three times the improved performance with fitness DNA profiling, according to recent studies. Based on scientific data, these reports cite that a panel of gene variants gauged an athlete’s potential for the development of power or endurance qualities.

Genomic DNA profiling for athletic performance reveals genetic disposition for endurance, strength, and speed sports, vulnerability to sports-related injuries, and individualized nutritional requirements. Knowledge of genetic predisposition about endurance capacity or strength and speed could also lead to appropriate sport and athletic activity choices.


To avoid fitness plateaus, tailoring training and nutritional programs give athletes a customized approach to improving performance, reducing injuries, and boosting confidence.

Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness services include Nutrition DNA and Fitness DNA genomics testing and analysis, plus a variety of alternatives for personalizing optimal health and wellness goals. Make your appointment today! Contact Us.

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